My philosophy

Well-crafted and insightful marketing strategies, coupled with superb leadership are vital in connecting the dots between organizational needs, and audiences’ hearts

Strategic leadership is not about control, it’s about empowerment

Whether leading internal or external teams, my goal is to anticipate, envision, listen, and empower teams to rally around the needs of the organization. By encouraging self-reflection, accountability, and ambition, I aim to instil in my teams a healthy sense of belonging and passion for growth.

Optimal strategies are evolving entities

When I develop a strategic approach, I ensure it is meant to last. It must adapt, grow, and progress according to changing marketplace, geopolitical, social, and industry conditions. I don’t believe in change for the sake of change. I believe in change 

Honesty, Collaboration, and Respectful Communications are key to my leadership approach

I believe that information and knowledge must not be hoarded. It must be shared, and used to foster learning, growth, and collective improvement. 

Curiosity is my #1 driver

When I develop a program, lead a team, or manage the implementation of a project, I start with ‘why.’ From there, I dig deep to gain understanding and seek context. I look outside to regain perspective and position. All with incessant curiosity driven by a desire to develop thoughtful solutions that meet organizational needs.

Solving Problems is my passion

Whether it is a rebrand, an awareness campaign, a reorganization, or a communications program, I thrive on the challenge of finding creative solutions to organizational problems. 

Building exceptional teams is my gift

I build great team performance through effective leadership, a hands-on approach, a collaborative style, and a passion for mentoring. Self-driven and collaborative, I inspire teams to deliver their best work by modelling thoughtfulness, practicing what I teach, and encouraging brilliance.

I focus on results

Whether I’m working independently to execute a project, or leading a team in the delivery of a program, my focus is on delivering measurable results. As a multifaceted marketing and business leader, I am searching for my next opportunity where I can accelerate the marketing efforts of a visionary organization.